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Radiators at AM Elements

radiator installation by AM Elements. AM Elements Gas, Heating & Plumbing in Lincoln, Lincolnshire, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire.

A radiator is a heating-system that uses hot water to heat a room, found in many properties all over the world. The heat is generated by a boiler, which heats the water then sends it through pipes to the radiators around your home or business. The Radiator then releases the heat into the room, warming it up.

How do I know what Radiator I will need?

Radiators within your home will be sized to the room in which it is required to heat. This is done by, measuring each wall to work out the area of the room.

In addition, the heat loss of your room is calculated by measuring any window areas or any other forms of heat loss for example, vents or the build of your house for example, cavity wall insulated vs single brick.

Following this, we are able to use the sizing information to work out what Kilowatt of Radiator you will require to keep your rooms warm and toasty; this is known as British thermal unit (BTU; a measurement of fuels or energy sources).

Importance of keeping your Radiator clean:

Radiators can get restricted or blocked over time due to debris and dirt gathering within your system.

It is important to have your boiler serviced to ensure there are no issues within your heating system. This will keep the system running efficiently and safely.

Other ways of maintaining your radiators is to flush the system using a system cleaner and draining the system completely to remove any dirt/debris; filling with the correct amount of corrosion inhibitor required for your specific heating system.

What is a magnetic filter?

A magnetic filter can be fitted to the pipework on your system to ensure all the debris and dirt is collected by the magnet within the filter. Therefore, maintaining your system and making it easier to keep clean with a simple quick yearly maintenance of the magnetic filter and a boiler service.

Radiators come in many forms and AM Elements are happy to fit any kind of radiator from the traditional to the top of the range.

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