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Heating System Conversions

AM Elements Gas, Heating & Plumbing in Lincoln, Lincolnshire, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire.

Converting your Home/Business Heating System can feel quite daunting and overwhelming for some. Rest assured AM Elements are here each and every step of the way.

So, let’s talk Heating System Conversions in this week’s blog!

What types of Gas Central Heating Systems are there?

There are three main types of Gas central heating systems:

Combination Boiler Heating Systems:

This today is by far the most common choice of central heating system within domestic properties.

Most combi-boilers run on mains pressure water and so do not require tanks to be placed in the loft. They also eliminate the need for a hot water cylinder as they instantly heat the water when it is needed for both the central heating and hot water systems.

As water is only heated on demand when you actually need it, it is much more efficient than storing it and having to reheat it when it cools over time.

Another benefit with the combi is that everything runs at mains water pressure meaning it has good pressure, including being able to run power showers without the need of a pump.

System Boiler or Pressurised Heating Systems:

The system boiler or pressurised heating system is an evolution of the conventional heating system that fixes some of it’s major issues, so it operates in a similar way to a combi-boiler system.

As opposed to using feed and expansion tanks to store water, it is taken directly from the mains and piped straight into the boiler where it’s heated for the radiators. This is known as a Heat Only system as it only heats the radiators.

The hot water for this type of system is then heated in a hot water storage tank where it is also stored. Variations on this type of system are known as S Plan and Y Plan system boiler systems and with these they also heat the water in the hot water storage cylinder as opposed to the cylinder doing it itself.

Conventional Central Heating Systems: These central heating systems used to be the most popular. Cold water is controlled via mains pressure and disconnected from the central heating system. A hot water tank is found high up in the home with an open vent, usually the loft or cupboard on the highest floor; the boiler is then used to heat this water. Once warm, water can flow down into the lower floors through your pipework and out of taps, by the natural pull of gravity. Often a hot water tank can be attached to an electric boiler central heating system.

Renewable Energy Heating System:

Renewable Energy, Air Source Heat Pumps:

If you are looking to heat your home in an ECO-Friendly manner with lower energy bills, look no further.

An air source heat pump works by absorbing heat from the environment, even when temperatures are well below freezing. It extracts heat from the air around us and transfers that heat to the inside of your home, keeping you warm and comfortable. To read more please click here: Air Source Heat Pumps .

LPG central heating:

AM Elements also offer systems working from the fuel LPG.

Liquid petroleum gas is similar to natural gas in that it can be burned to generate energy. But instead of being distributed through a pipe network, it’s stored in a tank in the garden.

The price of LPG is generally higher than oil or gas, but it’s a highly efficient fuel.

How do I know which system will suit my home?

AM Elements are here every step of the way. We will organise a free, no obligation quotation visit, where by you can discuss with a Gas Safe Registered Engineer every step of the process. We can discuss what will work most efficiently for your home and how this work will be carried out.

AM Elements take pride in a quick response rate and will always endeavour to answer any questions/queries as quick as possible, so you can be left feeling reassured and aware of each step of the process.

Contact us today to discuss any matter or to book in your free, no obligation quotation visit to your home.

Next week we will discuss the different types of Gas Boilers that you can have within your system!

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